The investment in time and money put into Figeholm’s production process secures predictable board properties well in excess of international standards.


The high level of technology also makes it possible to tailor make board for specific transformer applications. Operators are well trained and undertake a certification programme.


Maintaining competence

Their competence is maintained by ongoing training, for example in a practical sense in the development of the board machine, as well as in theoretical training. Production shift teams are also a driving force in this continuous improvement process.


Advanced control system

Working tools to secure and monitor a stable process are an advanced computerized control system and an extensive process information system. In-line sensors checking fibre consistency and beating degree and laser measurement of sheet thickness add support to production monitoring.


The capacity expansion project of 2009 included, inter alia, a new 25 sheet daylight press. Figeholm has the highest production capacity of pressboard in one single production line.

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Components made from Figeholm Elboard  and Figeholm Laminate are sold under the name Pucaro.